Jabari M. McKoy


Jabari Mck is an exceptional new Dancehall/Reggae artist from Guys Hill, St. Catherine, Jamaica.  An incredible songwriter and talent currently working alongside ARD Entertainment, he has produced several singles and is currently cultivating his first EP titled “Tyrantt” with the release date to be announced at a later date.  Tyrantt The EP will capture moments of the artists past, current situation, and what is in store for the musical Tyrantt and his fans on his journey. 


Jabari Mck position in music follows the Dancehall tradition of Jamaican popular music from the 1970s.  Being inspired by the joys of musical inspiration from community sound systems and jukeboxes from a tender age being around his father and veteran deejay Action Fire, Jabari Mck stands alongside his mentor and fellow RUDE musician Jahz I Lee as they create a versatile, mesmerizing, and transcendent sound.

R - righteous

U - uplifting 

D - dauntless 

E - entertainment 

Di musical Tyrantt

Di musical Tyrantt